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Anti-smell filter NSF VETUS Holland


Each waste water tank requires an air breather line, through which unpleasant odours may escape. This can be prevented by the installation of a VETUS No-Smell filter into the breather line. The No-Smell filter element contains a special odour-absorbing material.

The filter can be installed very easily. Model NSF19 is suitable for Ø 19mm breather hose. The special VETUS waste water hose, made of reinforced PVC is excellently suited as breather hose. The filter element is exchangeable and should be renewed once a year.

Dimensions: l x w x h:
148 x 150 x 162 mm.

Code Variant Availability Price Quantity Buy
NSF19 f19mm YES euro  77.32
NSF16FE spare filter element YES euro  11.00
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